GR: Development Stack


Curtis Sand <>, Dennison Gaetz <>



The plan is to create a modular framework of systems designed to build a functional multiplayer online gaming system.

| Client |
| API Server & Assets |
| Game Engine |


This is a webpage using javascript and HTML5 to send REST API requests to the API Server, load asset images, display the game UI and interact with the user.

To display the game itself the plan is to use HTML5 and javascript/jquery to load game asset images and create the UI.

API Server

API Server Page

The API Server is a web connected server that talks a request language called RESTfull. (I think REST will suit our needs for now.) The purpose of the API Server is to bridge the gap between the Client and the Game Engine.

For example a type of request the client might send is "For player X with encrypted session ID Y, please send me details about the map". The API Server then verifies the login and session IDs with the Game Engine and calls a routine to lookup and send back info on the map assets that the client needs in order to respond to the user.

The API Server will be written in Python 3 using Flask to perform the RESTfull communication.

Game Engine

Game Engine Page

The Game Engine is where all the magic happens. Random events in the world, combat calculations, and everything else that happens in the game is controlled and mediated by the Game Engine.

The Game Engine will also have a backend layer for persistence. Ideally this would be a SQL database of some sort.